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Live music and entertainment is special. We believe that this special quality comes not just from the performers being talented, but also being authentic. With all our music performed 100% live, Charlie and the Funk Factory stay true to the incredible songs and artists we cover and bring an energy that is guaranteed to keep you and your guests up on the dance floor all night long.

When we say we are exclusive, we mean that we exclusively perform for clients that are as authentic in their love for live music as we are and that want to put on an exceptional show for their guests.

To deliver this exceptional show, our party band is fronted by two amazing singers, features a unique four-piece brass section and performs a set of infectious funk, soul and disco classics. Charlie and the Funk Factory is not just a band though; we are a collective of incredibly talented musicians that  continue to deliver memorable performances for each and every one of our amazing clients.


We would love to deliver another memorable performance for you.

Female Singer

"Our guests were blown away"
Amelia and James

"One of those bands that everyone will remember and talk about for years"

Ella and Mike

Live Trumpets
Male Singer In A Gold Jacket

"The best band they'd seen"

Tiggy and Will

What Event Are You Planning?

Wedding Couple During Their First Dance
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